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Our Speciality

Discover a brand-new, street-level food with a twist, handcrafted with ingredients from the city's local markets.

The chef creates divine combinations of our Signature Dishes

Shahi Tukda Chaap

Our specialty includes variety of food and beverages, but Chaap is Extremely Popular among our fans.

₹ 220
Shahi Thali

Thalis provide a chance to sample a number of individual dishes which together add up to a wonderful riot of flavors.

₹ 200
Sardar G Spl Matka Biryani

Our biryani contains rich masala which is made of spices like cardamom, almonds and garnished with saffron.

₹ 300
Punjabi Chaap

Apart from Malai Chaap. Tandori Chaap is our also best selling dishes and Extremely Popular among our fans.

₹ 220
Dilruba Chaap

Dil walo ki Chaap. For cream lover peoples. Our flavour full dish served with quality of creamy and silky texture.

₹ 220
Special Paneer Tikka

Our signature dish is not only delicious but we ensure it should be equally healthy. Explore menu for all variants.

₹ 250
Dhua-Dhar Chaap

Our Dhua Dhar Dish. This is most selling dish. Smooth, silky, tender and juicy chaap hard to forget.

₹ 220
Afgani Chaap Roll

Whether you're looking for a grab-and-go lunch or a light supper try our char-grilled and overloaded afgani rolls.

₹ 150
Tandori Chaap

Our house special real and authentic Punjabi taste and intensely flavoredwith char-grilled, you all want to repeat.

₹ 220
Crispy Chaap

Our Best Pan fried, charred, crispy, firm, and crunchy chaap which served with hot and tempting schezwan chutney.

₹ 220
Shahi Chaap Gravy

The world-famous sauce used in masala is mainly cashew based , with some richness added by cream or thick yogurt.

₹ 280
Kadai Chaap Gravy

Our specialty includes variety of food and beverages, but Kadai Chaap Gravy is Extremely Popular among our fans.

₹ 280
Tawa Chaap Gravy

Slow-cooked and intensely flavored chaap gravy, infused with spices, is a house specialty.

₹ 280
Malai Chaap Roll

Soft and fluffy dinner rolls are simply best to make complete your meal with chaap. Juicy, Tendered and smoky you'll love it.

₹ 150
Lal Mirch Paratha

This is the our famous Punjabi Paratha that is perfect combination with our chaap gravy and comforting to eat.

₹ 50
Rumali Roti Meal

Our perfect Roomali Roti meal serve with any choice of our rich curries and gravies from the Punjabi cuisine.

₹ 150
Devil Momos

One of the most popular dilli street food. Mouth waterning variety served with piping red sauce with a sprinkle of masala.

₹ 120

We Are The Sardar G Malai Chaap


We are the fastest growing fast food chain restaurant in central India, in city of taste, DELHI CANTT.
The team is consistently working hard to delight its customer with fresh and most authentic food that is served ever. The Ambiance is pretty decent and full of pleasant people in a lively environment.

🔥Serving the finest North Indian taste
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😍Best spot for North Indian/Punjabi Cuisine near Sadar Bazar

🌟Quality Food

We ensure the use quality products & ingredients to provide our customers with first class gourmet food experience.

⏳Fast Delivery

We deliver food orders fresh - hot & fast to ensure to leave your taste buds zinging for joy and you have a bon appetite.

🍡Original Recipes

We are the trendsetters in the street food recipes, also specialized in Veg delicacies, with unique presentation & remarkable taste.

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